Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Too much of a good thing..

Too much of a good thing.. I wonder.. whether we will be spoilt if our life is so easy and good? No problems, no major heartbreak, nothing unpleasant ever occur, no changes..
Will we never learn? Will our hearts be as hard as stone? For tears soften the hearts.. Hardship strengthen our soul. Even annoying people make us more patient.

Like a diamond, so pure, so beautiful. Craved by all eyes that gaze upon it.
How did it got here? From deep under the earth.
Undergone extreme heat and pressure.
For millions of years..
It is so strong, nothing else can cut through it
It gleams with beauty
And the value is ever so high

Put a carrot, an egg and coffee in a container each
Boil the water
What's the end?
Carrot, hard and proud, has soften, to the point of crumble
Egg, from soft liquid inside, it has turn hard
But coffee, ah you have got to give it to coffee!
What a delight you have become
You didn't change yourself! You change the water you are in
Tasty, fresh coffee.. refreshing.. Fancy a cup?

Life is a choice
As who we want to become
Allah has shown us the way
The way of Nabi pbuh
The way to success and excellence...

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