Thursday, 3 January 2013

Sweetest love and babies!

If I smell Amortentia now, it will smell of rain and newborn baby. It all comes down to my new baby girl, H. Tomorrow she‘ll be a month. To kiss a baby is like inhaling a sweet perfume from heaven. Ah, how heavenly. I can kiss her all day. In between nursing, burping and diaper changing, I mean. Lol.
It is ironic how many cliche I stumble upon this round of pregnancy and birth. I‘m thankful I keep them by the truckload. You know, just in case.

Now my babies are almost 3-year-old and 7 weeks old. Ok, technically Sha is no longer a baby. But she's so babyish these days, especially since she got her new sister. Baby H sneezes, she sneezes, baby H spits up, she spits up. Since I am trying not to enhance any siblings rivalry, I just go on with it. Whatever baby H got, she gets too. Same pat, same kisses.

Sha loves her sister very much. Of course I do to. It's just so sweet watching them adore each other, Sha is always asking me to put baby on her lap. Then baby H will gaze adoringly at her sister. Sha will put on a show for her sis, jumping up and down and singing. Baby H giggles ever so happily. I pray this love and bond between them will go on. Always.