Friday, 24 February 2012

Happy Birthday!

Last Sunday, my baby turned two. Okay, she is now a toddler. I think I prefer to call her my little girl. Toddler sounds a bit... rebellious. And mischievous. Which is exactly she right. Full of energy and ideas how to turn the house upside down maximize learning from her surrounding. Always laughing and making funny sounds and expressions! She is so much fun. Of course, right now she is learning about gravity (which involve dropping everything from the table to the floor and pouring a jug of milk). Oh well, perhaps I have to restructure he lessons lol!

Anyway, her birthday was uneventful. All of us were tired from travelling (that is another post), so at first we didn't know whether to get a cake from the nearby bakery or not. So, laundry was washed and hung, lunch was eaten (honestly I couldn't remember any cooking done that day, most probably we ordered out! lol), but none of us have the energy to crawl out of the house.

Later that evening, my mom dropped by, saying that she thought we would go to her house and celebrate. Lol she discussed with my mother in law and forgot to tell me. Anyway, my dearest mom brought muffins from Kenny Rogers (yum!) and puddings she made herself (double yum!). Sorry mom! We were totally exhausted. The yummy treats perhaps make us want to celebrate a tiny bit more. But neither me or my husband wanted to go out. So that's that.

Out of the blue, after maghrib prayer, my mother in law announced that she bought a birthday cake! My little girl is lucky, isn't she? She finally got a cake! So we celebrate in simplicity, just the four of us... and Sha get to blow her candles over and over again. (Hubby blow the candle the first time lol).

What do you know! It wasn't so bad, afer all! Simple food, but it was a lively event.

Of course marked by Sha that is running back and forth, too excited to eat! She had about a bite of everything and a sip of water, she even refused her ever favourite ice-cream-mmm!

My little girl was happy (and messy). And  so are we:)