Monday, 5 December 2011

Life and Thankfulness

When I am happy in life, I forgot
A lot of things
Often I forgot to be thankful
Even for the happiness I feel inside

But when I am sad
Or angry
Or frustrated
I tend to look at the brighter things in life
So that I can smile again
So that my heart can heal
And I feel life is bearable again

Thankful for the sweet little smile
And the little hand that always reach out to me
And no matter what
She'll come to me
That she loves me
And needs me

For this peace I have
That I haven't felt before
That rage, sadness and frustration can't take away

That I'm not sick
Healthier than ever
I am thankful

I hope
To remember this
When I'm happy
Not to forget
For those who are thankful, will be rewarded with more
I wish to be thankful.

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