Friday, 9 December 2011

Food for Thought or Food for Life?

I am warming my hands on a hot cup of coffee, a newly discovered favourite drink for life. I know, I know, everyone's been drinking coffee for centuries, so this is totally old news. But it is for me:) It's great to know I won't have headaches after half a cup of coffee, or feel a bit dizzy on a sip of latte. So now I drink it anytime I can lay my hands on it, even went hunting for good ones in shops after shops with dear hubby ;P
He's probably the main reason I started drinking coffee, as he doesn't like tea so much ( which I totally love! ), and cocoa drinks are too expensive these days.. I've to learn how to make yummy coffee, and for that I've to taste.. and BAM! I CAN DRINK COFFEE!! Who would have thought? My sister was even surprised when I told her I drink coffee lol.

I have thought that our taste buds are arranged around what we eat when we are young, like if your mother cooks spicy food all the time, it's most likely that you will like spicy food. But of course, food tasting is always an adventure. For the conservative eaters, there is no way he'll try that japanese ramen! I do like to venture into new kind of food, I'm alright with takoyaki:) But some wouldn't touch it lol. The smell is enough to keep them away! 

What do you know, taste buds are a weird species. Give it to me and I'll say, Mamma Mia! That's so good! But give it to the next person, urghh!! There are still a lot of food that I wince even thinking about it lol! My top no no is corn pudding, corn juice or anything corn that is cook disguise in food! Ughh!! Next is fruit cake! In short, please don't cook fruit for me please! And no, I don't like apple pie. Sorry...

Having said that, I am now a less picky eater than before. I've to admit, my pregnancy has diverse my culinary experience a lot lol! Actually, I am like any other person who eat selective veggie types.. But during my pregnancy, I can't get enough of veggies!! I'll scout for the shop that has the most veggies on display and pile my plates with them. I'll devour them lushly! Alhamdulillah, now my daughter can't get enough of it too. Give her to choose between a slice of tomato and a piece of chicken, she'll pick tomato any day! (Though she's not so keen on carb. Should I be worried?)

Anyway, more ways than one, my tastebuds has grown.. and become a better person ( is it a person?lol ) And I love it! Now I won't be seen as a picky eater anymore, yeay! AND I won't miss out on a lot of food, too! Double yeay!

Are you a picky eater? Have you miraculously changed your eating habit ever? Do you looove food? :D

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