Saturday, 24 December 2011

Re-read That!

Do you re-read a book you have read before? I do.

Sometimes, the story change. As per my point of view in life, perhaps? Sometimes there is a point in the story that I didn't quite get until that second or third reading. When it actually happened in my life.. that totally change everything. Total empathy with the story.

Sometimes I hate the book on the first time. After a few years, perhaps, it may not seem so bad. I can justify the 'badness' of the story. Or I love it the couple of times I read it, then WHAM! Hate it hate it hate it on the third reading. Too happily-ever-after-ly? Too sad? The story just change, at least for me.

So after sometimes I tend to re-read a book I've read again. Of course I can vaguely remember the storyline and what to expect from the book.. but the feeling sometimes change. But some books stays forever. Like "If You Can See Me Now' by Cecilia Ahern. I just love her books. They have magic.

I guess the tendency to re-read books comes from frugality. I can't buy books everytime! I wish I can , though. Books are expensive around here. At least the kind of books that I like do. But I gotta READ! I just can't just sit around doing nothing without reading. The sheer boredom! So now frugality has turned to habit. And I kinda like it. And I'll have my fave parts of a fave book that I'll thumb straight to it. Or I'll skip parts that I don't really enjoy.. I feel bad doing that sometimes.. but I can't take sadness too many time, surely. It'll get to me. There were times when my hubby will ask 'That must be a sad book' when he saw me crying. He knows me very well. :')

Anyway, I got 4 books yesterday on a Sale.Yippee!! Finished reading last night. I makes me miss my bestfriends and all the times we had together.. The is some old saying, 'Even if we lost it, at least we have had it once'. Or at least that's how I thought it sound lol!

Thus, my love affair with books. Not many, but well loved. Cheers, my loves!

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