Saturday, 18 May 2013

Life's User Manual Guide

When we buy a new mobile phone, it usually comes with a user manual guide. It tells us how to turn it on, what the accessories, how to use it, maintenance and care, you know, the usual. Most of us hardly ever open the manual. Usually when we buy it, the salesperson will tell us basic use of the thing. The rest we figure out by our own.

So we use it day in and day out. Sometimes, when we face problems with the iPhone, we might look at the Manual. Google it on the internet. Oh, there is where I've gone wrong. Or to find out how to work this feature. Suddenly you found a new trick or cool tips. Then close the browser. Until one day the phone is really used up and won't turn on or affected by virus or something... then back to the manufacturer's service center. If you are lucky, it'll turn up alright. Else, see you later, alligator. You start looking for the latest model.

The way I see it, human are pretty much like that. We were sent into this world with a user manual. Where? Al-Quran and Sunnah (plus ijma' and qias). It tells us what to do, what to say, what to wear, what to eat... Why do we want to be controlled so much? Well, imagine if our new shiny beloved iPhone is dipped into a glass of juice, will it taste good? I mean the iPhone couldn't withstand the juice. Or a Honda Hybrid, it cannot be filled with diesel. Sayonara, bebeh. Or Perodua Viva, it can't be driven at 160km/h everyday. After a few months, the steering wheel will start vibrating and the whole car will have all sorts of noise. Get what I mean?

All I'm saying is that having these two guides in our lives is very important to us. These guides came from our Manufacturer, aye? Allah created us, so of course He knows what's best for us. He's not letting us roam around this world without any guide. Yeah, we can choose whether we want to follow it or not, it is a Guide after all. But if we turn away from what Allah has given us, how can we expect Him to listen to us when we asks Him for what we desire, during our darkest moments? Solat, or prayer, has been cited to be at certain times of the day. 5 times to be exact. It takes about five minutes each prayer. What? Less than half an hour a day? Yup, that is correct. Do it early, at the time prayer is indicated, the Allah promises 5 thing;

1. The hardship of this life is lifted
2. Torments in the grave is lifted
3. The book of amal (contains what we have done in this life) is given with the right hand (right hand means good outweighs the bad)
4. Go through Siratul Mustaqim as fast as lightning
 5. Enter Heaven without having to go through Hisab (kinda like customs to check each and everything we have done in this life except we have to face Allah)

For this very simple thing, pray early, the reward is so big. Say we choose not to pray early, to simply pray whenever we feel like, these rewards will not be ours. The analogy is simple; when we are working, our employer give us all the work we have, right? So we have this mount of paperwork on our table, needed to be hand in by tomorrow, then suddenly our employer call us into his office. Would you say, yes boss, right away, or would you say, I'm sorry boss, I can't see you now, have this lot to finish, can I see you later? We wouldn't dare to say the latter, would we? We'd say yes in a heartbeat.

Those who say no, well, there will be hell to pay later. We want to be on good term with our boss so that he will remember us, give good rating for our work performance, perhaps give us pay rise or push us up the rank. Right? So tell me, if we pray later than the time set for us, whenever we feel like, when we are free, or heaven forbid, not pray at all, where do that put us in Allah's sight? If we do not have good relationship with our boss, can he give us good rating for our performance? He doesn't know us. Then, will he give big bonuses? Will he help us if we are in need?

If we take so much time and effort to put ourselves in good books with our boss in order to get all the worldly goods, why don't we take as much time, if not more, to put ourselves in Allah's good books? Allah owns everything in this world and in the hereafter. Allah promise that those who perform solat/prayer, all His Treasury is open to them. If we never pray, and suddenly one day we are really, really in need, then we pray and expect Allah to instantly grant our wishes, isn't that a bit rude? In fact, really rude. Of course Allah being Most Merciful He can still grant our prayers and wishes despite us being so rude to Him. This is quite straightforward. If we perform our prayers diligently, maintain close relationship with Allah, it will be a gift with love from Allah. Because we are obedient to Him, thus He loves us.

We don't go knocking on a stranger's house asking for a loan of $5000. The stranger will slam the door on our face. Even the richest man in the world doesn't simply give out money to strangers. We can try to ask from our mother or relatives, because they know us, they are family. We have a relationship with them. The same way applies. But as His servant in this world, after all He has given to us, a good home, food to eat, a job, family and friends, wealth.. Can't we spare Him the very few minutes to humbly detach ourselves from this world, and put our foreheads to the ground, praising Allah as our creator?

So the only way to turn to our creator, Allah, is through this way, following the Quran and Sunnah. Follow these two and we will never go astray. We will be safe in this world and the hereafter. This is our Life User Manual. Follow it closely. Human's success is determined on how far he can obey Allah's Laws following the way (sunnah) of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh.

Lailahaillah Muhammadurrasulullah!

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