Monday, 20 May 2013

Funny Side Of A Sprained Ankle

Last week my mother in law sprain her ankle. Not really her ankle, it's the front part of her foot, like the picture, see? What do you call that? Anyway, MIL talks to my hubby to take her to clinic to have her foot X-rayed, check how her bones are, etc. Upon hearing all these talks about bones, being the curious 3 year old Sha is, she becomes obsessed with bones.

Sha's questions vary on topics surrounding bones and pain. 'Do you have bones?' Do I have bones to?' 'Does mummy has bones?' 'Why doesn't the other foot hurt, does it have bones too?' 'Look, your foot doesn't bleed, it must not hurt anymore!' The question gets more complicated as the time goes. Poor MIL. Last time when I stepped on a tiny shard of glass and bleed myself (just a little bit, mind you), she checks my foot everyday. She still talks about it after two weeks. My MIL probably will have worse in her store, her foot is bandaged.

Yesterday, I told her to please mind grandma's foot, don't step on it, her foot still hurts. Want to guess what her answer is? 'The other feet doesn't hurt, right? I can step on it, right?' (while stepping on the other foot.)

What will I do without you, my little girl?

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